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French Association Narbonne-Ukraine donates vehicles to Mykolaiv for municipal services and maintenance department

Published on 05.02.2024

Mykolaiv received cars for municipal services and maintenance facilities. They were donated by the French association Narbonne-Ukraine as part of a memorandum of cooperation with our city.
Our city received 6 cars. They will be assigned to the municipal enterprises Mykolaivelectrotrans, ELU Avtodorog and Mykolaivpastrans, as well as to the TrO division.
We remind you that the Narbonne-Ukraine Association has been providing important assistance to Mykolaiv since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion. To strengthen cooperation, a memorandum of understanding and partnership was signed in 2023. The document envisages cooperation in humanitarian aid and economic development, education and healthcare, culture and art.
In total, during this time, Narbonne-Ukraine has donated 13 trucks with humanitarian aid, medical equipment, 17 units of equipment, including ambulances, a bus, a fire and rescue vehicle, vehicles for public utilities, etc.

We thank Narbonne Ukraine and all our friends who are helping Mykolaiv to survive in these difficult times.