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We received six buses from Norway

Published on 07.11.2023

Some background is needed here.

In May this year, we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the city of Kristiansand. Then we had a short visit to our partners. We informed them about the situation in the city, the consequences of the bombing, and our needs. We also mentioned the lack of public transportation in the city. We handed over some of the buses to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and some were damaged by shelling.

As we were told today, immediately after our visit, businessmen from Kristiansand got together and started raising funds to buy buses. They found vehicles, bought them, and brought them to Mykolaiv.

The municipality of Kristiansand also loaded these buses with medical equipment, warm clothes, and hygiene products. All the humanitarian aid will be handed over to our hospitals and social welfare institutions after accounting.

Today, during a conversation with the volunteer group from Kristiansand, Hope For Ukraine, which actually brought us these buses, we agreed on our next step—establishing ties between the business communities of Mykolaiv and Kristiansand. We are preparing for their visit to us.

Mykolaiv is grateful to our partners for their support. Special thanks to those people who care. Together we will win.