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UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

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UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) is a UN agency created on the basis of the General Assembly Resolution of November 22, 1965 by combining the UN Extended Programme of Technical Assistance and the Special Fund. The aim of the Programme is to help developing countries in their national development.

Since 1990, it has published an annual report on human development. It is prepared by a group of independent international experts who, and in addition to analytical developments, also use statistical data obtained from various international intergovernmental organizations and international agencies.

UN Development Programme in Ukraine

UNDP supports Ukraine on its path towards sustainable human development aimed at building a rich democratic and strong state in which no one is left out and everyone's opinion is taken into account.

UNDP is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and UN Conventions ratified by Ukraine. The Programme aims to combat poverty in rural areas by implementing effective models of social and economic development and environmental development, as well as by supporting democratic processes, institutions and networks.

UNDP helps and strengthens at the national and local level those partners who develop sustainable solutions to ensure comprehensive national, regional and local development. UNDP achieves its goals in the partnership with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other UN agencies, development agencies, civil society, and local communities. The Programme helps to find Ukrainian solutions to global and national development challenges through a number of initiatives based on the UNDP experience and comparative advantages.

Building peace and rebuilding conflict-affected areas, as well as supporting internally displaced persons (IDPs), are among the top priorities of UNDP in Ukraine during the full-scale war.
Working in close collaboration with international partners and the Government of Ukraine, the UNDP Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme applies an integrated approach that takes into account the needs of people in need and promotes social cohesion and understanding, while preventing excessive social burden on host communities.

UNDP helps rebuild critical social and economic infrastructure, improve the efficiency of local authorities in the east of Ukraine, as well as assists in creating jobs and fostering entrepreneurship among IDPs and host communities, and promotes peace and reconciliation.
UNDP works in partnership with the Government of Ukraine, other UN agencies, development organizations, civil society and local communities, helping to find solutions to global and national development challenges through a number of initiatives based on the UNDP experience and comparative analysis.

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