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Mykolaiv Receives International Aid for Recovery After Russian Shelling: Mayor's Report for 2023

Published on 27.05.2024

Mykolaiv is actively developing international cooperation. Every year, the number of our friends grows. Last year, our city signed partnership agreements with four European cities.

This was announced by Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych during a press conference summarizing 2023.

The sister cities are Saint Helier from the British Isles, Norwegian Kristiansand, Danish Aalborg, and Durres in Albania.

In addition, a memorandum was signed in 2023 with the French association "Narbonne-Ukraine."

Thanks to strengthening international ties, Mykolaiv receives aid necessary for recovery after Russian shelling – our partners have already provided us with generators, transformer substations, medicines and medical equipment, passenger transport, and more.

"Last year, we signed a partnership agreement with the city of Saint Helier. And we immediately received generators and medical equipment," Oleksandr Sienkevych reported.

Overall, our friends have delivered 9 generators of various capacities, an optical coherence tomograph, and 3 anesthesia stations.

"During the meeting with the mayor, I informed them that we have water issues and need passenger transport. They then announced a fundraiser. And we received 6 buses purchased with funds from local businesses," the mayor of Mykolaiv shared.

Additionally, the Kristiansand community provided 2 transformer substations and hygiene supplies.

The "Narbonne-Ukraine" association provided significant aid. This includes 2 Renault Duster cars, 2 ambulances, 1 bus, and medical equipment.

"The 'Narbonne-Ukraine' association also provided bakery equipment. Thanks to this, we established a bakery at one of the municipal enterprises to bake social bread for Mykolaiv residents in need," added Oleksandr Sienkevych.

In collaboration with the public organization ANTS, the city received 6 vehicles for municipal services, pipes, and components for water supply network repairs. As the mayor noted, the aid was provided with the financial support of the Taiwanese government.

This year, Mykolaiv will continue to expand international cooperation.

"In 2024, partnership agreements are planned to be signed with the cities of Glasgow (United Kingdom), Kotka (Finland), and Bari (Italy)," said Oleksandr Sienkevych.