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In 2023, Mykolaiv signed partnership agreements with four European cities:

  • Saint Helier (British Isles)
  • Kristiansand (Norway)
  • Aalborg (Denmark)
  • Durrës (Albania)

Another four cities became partners of Mykolaiv in 2022. These are Burgas (Bulgaria), Hanover and Bedburg (Germany), as well as Chełm (Poland).

Saint Helier has already sent us nine power generators of various capacities for boiler houses and medical equipment. Kristiansand provided Mykolaiv with six buses, transformer substations, and medicines.

Partners provide Mykolaiv with important aid to support the city life: power generators, transformer substations, medicines and medical equipment.

In 2024, cooperation with three other cities, Glasgow, Kotka and Bari, began.      

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ME City Emergency Hospital

Mykolaiv received 2 medical vehicles from Hannover

Direction of activity

Partner Countries
ME Maternity hospital №3

Direction of activity

The international company Crown Agents, with the financial support of Jersey Overseas Aid, has delivered 9 generators of various capacities and three anesthesia stations to Mykolaiv.

Partner Countries

Direction of activity

We received six buses from Norway

Partner Countries

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