Save the Children is an international humanitarian organization that consists of Save the Children International and 30 national members. It operates in more than 120 countries around the world.

The organization was founded in 1919 in the United Kingdom in response to the tragedy of the World War I with the goal of improving children's lives by improving education, health care and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency assistance in the event of natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

Save the Children in Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, Save the Children in Ukraine has provided humanitarian aid and basic services to 802,546 people, including 436,529 children. In 2022, we relied on existing programs and worked in seven areas, 24 regions, and with 33 partners.

Cash support: Save the Children provided a multi-purpose cash and voucher assistance to more than 28,700 families. In 2022, our cash assistance in Ukraine amounted to almost $26 mln. Through our
feedback mechanisms families report that cash is what they need now the most. It helps them buy basic-needs products, like food, medicines, and fuel.

Child Protection: Together with our partners, we support 17 child-friendly spaces
all over Ukraine, where girls and boys can socialize, play, and feel themselves kids again. Specialists are ready to provide psychological support and help children with their emotional experiences. We also provide kits with everything necessary to create a child-friendly space, as well as shelter kits for children near the front line. They include toys, games, and exercises for children's mental health while they hide in basements and shelters.

Education: Save the Children has created 32 digital learning centers for children to continue learning and have access to online classes, and plans to open another 100 centers all over Ukraine. We also repair damaged schools and kindergartens, and provide training and equipment for teachers.

Health care: Save the Children Ukraine has helped 45,200 people, including 24,518 children, get access to the necessary medical care. We have provided medical equipment, materials and technical assistance to hospitals and mobile health units.

Water, sanitation and hygiene: Save the Children coordinates work with others humanitarian organizations, the UN, and local authorities to provide equipment for repairing damaged water supply systems. Together with our partners, we have distributed 40,000 hygiene kits and try to ensure that families have access to clean drinking water. We supply coolers and water to the collective centers in Dnipro, Poltava and Zaporizhzhia. We have also delivered more than 12,600 bottles of water to Kherson.

Save the Children works closely with partners to provide essential items, including beds and mattresses, for children and families in the collective centers. We also help restore damaged schools and hospitals, and provide solid fuel boilers for critical infrastructure in order to maintain heating for vulnerable children and families.

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